The House of Cards

Episode #122 is the NFL and the divisional round of the playoffs. 4 more teams eliminated, that leaves 4 teams moving on and shooting for glory. We take you through the games results and big plays. We had wild and cold weather, missed calls and a showdown in Louisana between hall of fame bound QB’s. We also have some new head coaches in the league that we discuss and our studs and duds of the week

Episode #121 is our 2nd NBA podcast of the 20/21 season and we kick things off with talk of the big news of the week and thats the James Harden trade to the Brooklyn Nets. Another big 3 has emerged, this time in the big apple and with some very intriguing characters indeed. We also discuss Kyrie Irvings hijinxs as of late and when he will return to the nets. We also debut our “players in focus” which we will do all in season long

Episode #120 is all about super wild card weekend of the NFL. The playoffs are here baby and the delivered some ripper action. With only 2 home teams winning, an upset no one seem coming and the browns 1st quarter explosion all discussed. Plus our studs and duds of the week. Have we uncovered a future star in Washington????

Episode #119 is the NFL week 17 and all it action. The playoffs are here and teams were fighting for their chance to make the post season, some for the first time in quite awhile. But first we need to get to the results of this week with a sprinkling of fired coaches and some breaking news as we were recording. Plus our studs and duds of the week

Episode #118 is our 1st NBA podcast of the brand new 20/21 season. We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly so far in the first couple of weeks as the season ramps up. Limited crowds and team travel as we see some interesting teams topping the standings and others floundering in the early going but don’t panic, its a long season.

Episode #117 is the first of 2021 and its all about the NFL and week 16 of action. The playoff picture is nearly done but some teams are still in the hunt for a chance at a superbowl. Other teams just playing for pride in the jersey and also next season draft spots aswell. Buckle up as we give you our best and worst of the year that was and looking forward to a brand new one. Happy New Year everyone

Episode #116 is week 15 of the NFL and a full slate of games stretching every day from friday to tuesday our time and there was some doozies here. Playoff spots, division titles on the line and a win less season over as we discuss what happened this week and where do teams go from here. Plus our studs and duds of the week
J E T S jets jets jets

Episode #115 is NFL week 14 and what a cracker it turned out to be. It started very poorly with a ordinary game on friday our time but boy oh boy did business pick up in the final game of the week with playoff implications. We go through all of the big plays and big games as well as give you our studs and duds of the week

Episode #114 is week 13 of the NFL season in the books and WOW, what a weekend it was!!! We had upsets galore, a perfect season ruined, records broken and 1 particular team losing in a fashion only they can. Our studs and duds get in there too

Episode #113 is part 2 in our series of podcasts on the upcoming NBA season. In this, we cover how the NBA season will be shaped by COVID 19 and its protocols in regards to fans being in attendance, people showing up for training camp, key games to start off the season and the revenue stream coming into the league (or lack there of) As well as some general notes and the discussion of the many new coaches in key big markets