The House of Cards

Episode #70 takes us through round 5 of the newly restarted NRL season. We talk about the scores and big news from the previous weekends games plus our views on the lost broncos and dragons teams and what went wrong for them, Plus our studs and duds of the week

After 66 days and a global pandemic that shut the world down……….Footy is BACK!!! We take you through the LIVE games that were played over the past weekend and discuss the new rule changes in the NRL that are making headlines plus the return of our famous (not so famous) studs and duds of the week

Episode #68 is done with much sadness as we go through the final 2 episodes of The Last Dance. These 2 are very game orientated as they go through the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals with the Pacers and the 1998 NBA Finals against Utah with a sprinkling of the 97 Finals v the Jazz aswell

Episode #67 we continue our recap of the docuseries The Last Dance and this episodes 7 and 8. An emotionally charged 2 episodes and it dives into MJ leaving the NBA in 1993 to pursue a career in baseball. It also touches on the death of Michael’s father James and a less than triumphant return back to basketball in 1995 wearing number 45

The last dance continues to amaze us in many ways and these latest 2 episodes are no different. It takes us through MJ and the bulls 2nd and 3rd titles to start the 90’s off as well as the 1992 dream team and their legendary scrimmages. It also takes a dive into MJ’s perceived gambling problem with him taking a little trip to Atlantic City during the 93 playoffs

The Last Dance continues this week with episodes 3 and 4 and we discuss these 2 in detail. Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson are to people that the docuseries focuses on this week along with MJ’s struggles with the bad boy pistons of Detroit. Its a wild ride this week

With sport still on hold for now, we have a saviour………… And it is The Last Dance!!! We do a recap on the first 2 episodes that aired this past week. We give you our thoughts on the set up to the 1997/98 season of the Chicago Bulls which is a little turbulent to say the least. These will continue for all 10 parts of this doco so stay tuned

Too big for just one night!!!! The showcase of the immortals Wrestlemania 36 was a unique event to say the least but it went ahead never the less. We go through all the matches that made up the night of nights talking about the good, the bad, and the down right weird

Episode #61 is all about an absolutely crazy start to the league year in the NFL with franchise tags, trades and free agent signings. It felt like an NBA type free agency period. Plus those free agents that are still on the hunt for a new deal either with their current teams or with new one’s.

Episode #56 is all about NBA. Have we got more beef???? Draymond Green and Charles Barkley re-new there pre-exsisting beef in post game media and get at each other, which we are all here for no doubt. Plus the head scratching move of the Nets to part ways with Kenny Atkinson and much more