2017 NRL Traders and 2017 NRL Xtreme – Checklists and Error Card Details

February 23, 2017 |
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NRL fans, get excited because both NRL Traders 2017 and the brand new NRL Xtreme 2017 checklists are out! There is also a bit of information about predictor cards and error cards and manufacturing process and how you can get replacements.

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Release Dates:
– Trader launch date 2nd of March 2017
– Extreme Launch date 14th of March 2016


Click here for the 2017 NRL Traders checklist.
Click here for the 2017 NRL Xtreme checklist.


Details from ESP direct

NRL Traders 2017

Predictor Card
The winning team predictor cards will allow the card holder to redeem a mini 9 card premiership team set which will be individually numbered as per the predictors.

For those collectors who manage to collect all 16 predictor cards they can claim a gold parallel set of the winning team 9 card set, which will be limited to 20 sets only! These sets will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Error Card
The West Tigers Dynamic Duo card number DD 5/5 is an error card, unfortunately during the product development process the West Tigers Dynamic Duo Card was included for a second time into the release. The player images and player stats on the card in question have been updated and are current however our intention was to include into the 2017 Traders release a Panthers Dynamic Duo.

So to correct this issue we have produced 100 Panther Dynamic Duo cards (see image below) should a collector want to trade their 2017 West Tigers Dynamic Duo card for a Panthers 2017 Dynamic Duo Card then please send your West Tigers card to TLA Sydney via registered post. TLA will keep the West Tigers Card and replace it with the Panthers card with the corresponding number.

We apologise for this in convenience.



All New ! NRL Extreme 2017 Games Cards
1. The sales flyer now includes an image of three Authentic Play Autograph cards, they do exist!!!! There are 16 cards to collect 11 are in pack and 5 are via a wrapper redemption program (refer to the check list for details)
2. The checklist has also been updated to include a list of the players that have autographed the cards. We have noted those players that are available via redemption (see the names in yellow)
3. The autograph cards are not individually numbered but they are individually hologram. See my note below on card holograms.

Card Holograms
At the time of production the humidity made it very difficult to successfully apply the holograms to all of the cards. As a result some of the cards in pack do not have a hologram, collectors can return their cards via registered post to TLA in Sydney and we will happily apply a hologram to those cards. The TLA team will attend as many cards shows as possible this year, we will set up a table at these shows to hologram Extreme 2017 autographed cards that collectors bring to the show or that you might have in stock so we fix this issue. Unfortunately we had to make a call on this last minute to avoid damaging the cards.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.