2017 NRL Traders and 2017 NRL Xtreme

February 3, 2017 |
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NRL fans, as we are all anxiously waiting for the 2017 season, we have word on our first 2 sets for this year. Both NRL Traders 2017 and the brand new NRL Xtreme 2017 will launch this March and we can’t wait!

Traders is getting a revamp to the starter packs while Xtreme cards are getting a whole new redesign and brand new Autograph cards! Read more below:

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Release Dates:
– Trader launch date 2nd of March 2017
– Extreme Launch date 14th of March 2016


Click here for the 2017 NRL Traders sale sheet.
Click here for the 2017 NRL Xtreme sale sheet.


Details from ESP direct

NRL Traders 2017
The main points around the release are:
– Traders RRP will remain unchanged.
– There are 2 case card designs, limited to 325 per design, with all cards individually numbered.
– There will be a Legends parallel series as with previous years.
– The starter packs include a bonus card in every pack this year and the cards are limited to 3 designs per pack. This card is only available in the starter parks and limited from dealers so get in early.
– Albums contain 2 packets of cards and 30 card sleeves, plus a bonus album card 1 of 18 (StarToon), a parallel of what is in the packs. This card is CMYK printed whereas the pack card is printed on clear plastic showing the front and back of the player. These cards are very very cool and thanks to Rif at JaJa’s Collectibles for the idea. They now replace the Galactic Heroes going forward!
– The big value included in the main release is:

– SAS signature cards Authentic Limited to 100 (individually numbered) 18 Card Design
– SAS Signature Gold Foil limited to 500 – 18 Card Designs
– SAS Signature Black Foil limited to 750 – 18 Card Designs
– Legends Signatures limited to 208 (individually numbered)
– There are 15 retirement cards this year which represent some high profile players.
– Premiership Predictor (individually numbered) 217 of each team, the grand final winning team will allow the card holder to redeem a numbered set of winning team cards.
– Dynamic Duo Cards 5 cards to collect limited to 100 per player



All New ! NRL Extreme 2017 Games Cards
The main points around the release are:

– Extreme RRP will remain unchanged.
– 2004 Boxes are on offer to dealers with the balance allocated to Newsagents to keep up with the growth demand.
– There is a special randomly insert series across the releases (Autograph cards), 16 to collect, these are not individually number but they are hologramed (no ratios or images on the sales flyer so these will be a surprise for the collectors!)
– We have vastly improved the card content and card design and totally redesigned the website, which now includes a lot more player information than before. The look of the cards and packaging has also changed for the better, a lot more grown up, brighter and more visual.

– We have included:
– More stats on each player both front and back of cards allowing for a Trivia game to be played as well as the usual games.
– Stats are now on front and back of cards (refer team zone) allowing a higher level of game play than in previous years.
– All cards are still individually numbered, we are launching a new website www.nrlgamecards.com which will increase online gameplay and member sign ups we currently sit at 10,000 members
– We are seeing school-age kids play a game called FLICK Card in the school yard, they use old Power Play cards to try and flick other Power Play cards out of a circle on the ground (think marbles). So to capitalize on this fad we have released a special Flick Cards in this set, which is made out of plastic. While still technically a game card the special Flick can be used to win as many cards form your mates as possible in a game of FLICK. 16 to Collect!
– The starter packs contain 4 packets of cards plus a BONUS starter pack card (Power Bomb Card 16 cards to collect) normally one per box so fairly rare and hard to set, this will drive the sales of starter packs this year to collectors.
– Each Album Contains two packets of cards plus an album card (1 of 3 Mile Stone cards to collect) this is a parallel of the Traders Starter pack bonus card except using the Extreme branding, so will help us to cross sell this release to Traders buyers who are keen to collect the 6 card set.
– Over all we have looked closely at others in the market for inspiration in this space, we really feel we are on a winner here.