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Group Breaks 101

July 1, 2014 |
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What are Group Breaks?

The basic setup of a group break is that multiple people split the cost of the boxes (or a case) in the break and then the cards are divided up among the people in the break usually by team.

It is a great alternative to buying a full case or box and they are a great way to be involved in a large break at a lower cost.


How Do Group Breaks Work?

The number of people in a group break will generally depend on the type of break. For example a random or team based group break will have the number of spots equal to the number of teams in that competition. For NRL, there are 16 people in a group break as there are 16 teams in the NRL. For AFL 18 people as there are 18 teams in the AFL. For NBA there would be 30 and so on for other sports. Once each spot is sold and paid for in the break the box or case is opened and you will receive either every card or just the HIT cards of your team from the group break that you purchased a spot for. This is determined by each seller of the break and will be outlined in the description of the group break. …continue reading

We have just received details of upcoming ESP NRL releases. Thanks to ESP for passing the details on.

NRL Limited Edition 2013

  • Limited to 500 sets (3 different collations)
  • Following a similar  design theme to the 2012 release including 2013 NRL All Stars / SOO and NRL Test Games.
  • 34 cards in total per set
  • 3 signature cards limited to 166 per card, all individually foil numbered and hologram Billy Slater/Michael Jennings/Reece Robinson
  • Packaged in a protective acrylic box with header card
  • Exclusively available via Ikon Collectibles from the 30th of October 2013 …continue reading
2013 Andrew John's Signature Series Error Card

Every now and again you get an email that makes you sit up and read. Here is one! It was sent from ESP Sales and Marketing manager, Terry Wilson.

“Sometime ago a collector requested that ESP replace 2 Andrew Johns signature error cards, the error cards in question were card 1 and card 7. The collector allegedly express posted the cards to ESP via the Australia post network. When the express post envelope arrived at ESP it was empty of both cards 1 and 7 and all that was received by ESP was two empty top loader sleeves.

ESP has been in constant contact with the collector over the past few months, ESP is now …continue reading

With thanks to ESP we can exclusively reveal the 2013 ESP V8 Supercars Commemorative Trading Card Collection flyer.

We can confirm that the 2 signers for the set are racing legends Mark Skaife and Dick Johnson. In addition 110 cards make up the set that features all teams from the 2013 season and celebrates 50 years of Bathurst winners.

The set will be released on …continue reading

Many thanks to  ESP‘s Sales and Marketing manager, Terry Wilson, for sharing this information.

“ESP can confirm the exciting news that there will be another NRL Limited Edition release in October 2013. The 34 card boxed set will continue the theme of the 2012 Limited Edition release.

More details on this 34 card boxed set will be available shortly.”

This is exciting news for collectors. Obviously this release will differ from the 2012 set as it is …continue reading

With thanks to ESP we can announce the V8 Supercar Commemorative Trading Card Collection will be released on the 15th of October 2013. This will coincide with the 2013 Bathurst 1000 race.

The set will feature two signature cards. One signed by Mark Skaife OAM. Skaife is a five time winner of the V8 Supercar Championship Series, including its predecessor the Australian Touring Car Championship. The second signature card is yet to be confirmed.

All signature cards will be individually foil numbered. Both signature cards with the same number will be …continue reading