Bulk Lister Now Available

May 27, 2013 |
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On Friday 10 May 2013, Gimko successfully launched to the public. Since then, the team at Gimko have been hard at work to bring our fellow collectors the first major addition to the Website.

After many sleepless nights programming and testing, we can finally reveal a tool that will make your life just that little bit easier, introducing the new Gimko Bulk Tool v2.3.

The Gimko Bulk tool will allow you to easily and quickly prepare your site and/or store listing.

Some key features of the Bulk tool include:

  • Info tab to help you understand how to use the tool
  • Entry tab for entering you listing information
  • Easy to use button on info tab:
    • About – gives version information of upgrades performed.
    • Click for example – gives an example of how to correctly enter HTML code
  • Easy to use buttons on entry tab:
    • Export data to CSV
    • Copy selected row to end of list
    • Delete content in selected row
    • Delete content in all rows
  • Listing Fees calculator (excludes store subscription monthly fees)
    • Based on the latest Gimko fees (as at 25/5/2013).
  • Validation checks to ensure mandatory fields are filled in.

Once you are ready to list your prepared items, with a simple click of the export button, a CSV file will be generated in the same path as the bulk tool. This CSV file then can be uploaded via the Bulk Lister page in Members area. Once the CSV file has been successfully imported, the items can then be listed, deleted, or edited.

The bulk tool was designed in Excel to take advantage of the vast features it offers, so you will require Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher to use this tool. The bulk tool can be downloaded here:  Gimko Bulk Tool v2.3.

There is one limitation at the moment, which is that, only remote images (i.e. stored on sites like photobucket) can be used. We are working towards adding the ability to upload local images stored on your computer as well and hope to have this feature included in an upgrade to the bulk lister very soon.

Finally, there is only so much extensive testing that can be performed. All testing so far has led to items being listed successfully. Should you encounter any errors or wish to provide suggestions, please comment in this blog post or contact us so we can investigate further.