The House of Cards

Starting this month, Gimko will begin to focus more attention on non-sport collectibles and the collective voice of a few of our users have highlighted playing cards as something they’d like to read, see and talk about. With the increasing popularity of project-funding website Kickstarter, it has become more accessible and less risky for talented designers such as Soleil Zumbrunn, the creator of Glitch Playing Cards, to show the community her vision. …continue reading

Owen O'Neil

Welcome to our second Featured Collector article. Every month, we will showcase someone in the collecting community and have a talk about them, their collection and the hobby.

This month, we have 34 year old Owen O’Neil from Newcastle, New South Wales. Owen is a member on OzCardTrader under the username ‘ooneil’. He is a Dad, works as a Financial Planner and spends more on collecting than he’d like to think about. …continue reading