The House of Cards

With one night sleep to go before the official release of series 2 AFL, everyone is anxious to start busting.

If you are like us and love your footy and cannot wait, here is sneak peak of 2017 Select Certified Football, reviewed by none other than Mr AFL himself MOJOKING.

To quote MOJOKING – “Anticipation has been high for this release and it won’t let you down. Best release ever”.

So  sit back and enjoy the first box break, thank to Select Australia.

Starting this month, Gimko will begin to focus more attention on non-sport collectibles and the collective voice of a few of our users have highlighted playing cards as something they’d like to read, see and talk about. With the increasing popularity of project-funding website Kickstarter, it has become more accessible and less risky for talented designers such as Soleil Zumbrunn, the creator of Glitch Playing Cards, to show the community her vision. …continue reading