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2017 AFL Footy Stars Checklist

February 9, 2017 |
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AFL fans, as we are all anxiously waiting for the 2017 season, Select have just released the official sale and checklist for 2017 AFL Footy Stars!

Stay tuned as mojoking (Stevic) will be busting a box live on Gimko early to preview the product. More details to follow once we finalise the information.

Release Dates:
– Footy Stars launch date 2nd of March 2017

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2017 NRL Traders and 2017 NRL Xtreme

February 3, 2017 |
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NRL fans, as we are all anxiously waiting for the 2017 season, we have word on our first 2 sets for this year. Both NRL Traders 2017 and the brand new NRL Xtreme 2017 will launch this March and we can’t wait!

Traders is getting a revamp to the starter packs while Xtreme cards are getting a whole new redesign and brand new Autograph cards! Read more below:

Stay tuned for some exclusive giveaways on Gimko in the near future.

Release Dates:
– Trader launch date 2nd of March 2017
– Extreme Launch date 14th of March 2016

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Well folks it was bound to happen sooner or later! NRL was the very first break listed on Gimko.

The original home and pioneer of NRL breaks just keeps on delivering the MOJO to our loyal collectors!!

When the news was out that ESP were releasing four 1 of 1 cards in this years 2016 NRL Elite, the hunt was on.

Tonight we were blessed with the best case possibly out there.

The break delivered beyond our wildest imaginations:

  • Ruby Mojo Pack – Penrith #34/40
  • Sapphire Mojo Pack – Dragons #6/20
  • Redemption Signature Game used Memorabilia Card – Broncos #44/50
  • Redemption Game used Memorabilia Card – Rabbitohs #62/150

At this point the break is sounding pretty darn good right?

Well there was more to come that would make this the NRL case break that tops them all.


Marika Koroibete 1 of 1 Redemption Card





Thank you to all our loyal collectors who joined us in our breaks over the years!



February 18, 2016 |
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Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, One Man’s Dream, that become a constant obsession! That energy built up until a primeval explosion brought all space and time, all matter and energy, into being. This is the story of how on Wednesday 17 February 2016, that One Man’s Dream become a REALITY!


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Group Break Hits of 2014

December 25, 2014 |
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We launched Gimko Group Breaks earlier in the year and it has been a big success so far, thanks to our great group breakers and of course everyone that has participated in them.

Some great cards have come out of many of the breaks in 2014 and we wanted to share some of the better hits of 2014. …continue reading

With big thanks to ESP, Gimko can exclusively release to our fellow NRL collectors the official full checklist from 2014 NRL Elite product release.

Distribution to sellers will begin on Monday 21 July 2014. The official retail release date is Monday 4 August 2014.

Boxes and cases are now available on Gimko via Ja Ja’s Collectibles store.

Want to get in on some case break action for your favourite team? Then join Gimko Group Breaks: …continue reading

Here is the official statement from ESP:

The pre-sale process will commence  tomorrow Wednesday the 25th of June via Ikon Collectibles. Delivery of the product to Ikon will commencing week of the 21st of July while the official on-sale date at traditional retail will be the 4th of August (this is when the product will start to hit the shelves) We have agreed with Ikon that product will begin to flow out to the collector market as soon as it arrives, so at this stage from the week of the 21stof July as mentioned above.

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We have just received details of upcoming ESP NRL releases. Thanks to ESP for passing the details on.

NRL Limited Edition 2013

  • Limited to 500 sets (3 different collations)
  • Following a similar  design theme to the 2012 release including 2013 NRL All Stars / SOO and NRL Test Games.
  • 34 cards in total per set
  • 3 signature cards limited to 166 per card, all individually foil numbered and hologram Billy Slater/Michael Jennings/Reece Robinson
  • Packaged in a protective acrylic box with header card
  • Exclusively available via Ikon Collectibles from the 30th of October 2013 …continue reading