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2018 AFL Legacy Checklist

August 3, 2018 |
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AFL fans, well the wait for series 2 is over! Select have just released the official sale and checklist for 2018 AFL Legacy!

Breaks have started of hot this year with the website going into a meltdown!! Was a great opening night with 4 box breaks and a case break running on both channels

If you want to join in the breaks click here: Group Breaks

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NRL fans, get excited because both NRL Traders 2017 and the brand new NRL Xtreme 2017 checklists are out! There is also a bit of information about predictor cards and error cards and manufacturing process and how you can get replacements.

Stay tuned for some exclusive giveaways on Gimko in the near future.

Release Dates:
– Trader launch date 2nd of March 2017
– Extreme Launch date 14th of March 2016

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Fellow Gimko Collectors, check out this behind the scenes video courtesy of TLA of how the 2016 NRL Elite 1of1, signature and patch cards were made.

The color grading web pages features all NRL Elite 2016 patch cards. This service as well as the patch cards have been jointly developed with Futera. The color grading service is unique to each card, and is accessed via a unique code found on the back of the jersey patch trading cards. This is a first in the Australian Sports Trading Card market!!





To celebrate the launch of Code for Collectors

TLA and Futera are excited to reveal a 5th NRL Elite 2016 1/1 card, this very special card featured 4 match worn jersey patches, 4 players images and corresponding states on the back of the card as well as the NRL Hologram.

TLA and Futera are giving this card away free!!!

The registration process is simple, an automatically generated registration form will be sent to collectors via the Code for Collectors website, each time you register a card a form will be generated. All collectors who register their Elite 2016 jersey patch cards on the Code for Collectors website before 12pm (AEST) on October 31st 2016 and complete the email registration form including providing in 25 words or less ‘why this card should be included into your collection’ will have a chance of securing this card, T&C’s apply. TLA and Futera will jointly announce the lucky collectors name on the 1st of November at a time to be advised.


An image of the card is below and talk about amazing.