Gimko Group Breaks – Home to the 1of1s

August 13, 2016 |
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Well folks it was bound to happen sooner or later! NRL was the very first break listed on Gimko.

The original home and pioneer of NRL breaks just keeps on delivering the MOJO to our loyal collectors!!

When the news was out that ESP were releasing four 1 of 1 cards in this years 2016 NRL Elite, the hunt was on.

Tonight we were blessed with the best case possibly out there.

The break delivered beyond our wildest imaginations:

  • Ruby Mojo Pack – Penrith #34/40
  • Sapphire Mojo Pack – Dragons #6/20
  • Redemption Signature Game used Memorabilia Card – Broncos #44/50
  • Redemption Game used Memorabilia Card – Rabbitohs #62/150

At this point the break is sounding pretty darn good right?

Well there was more to come that would make this the NRL case break that tops them all.


Marika Koroibete 1 of 1 Redemption Card





Thank you to all our loyal collectors who joined us in our breaks over the years!