Hobby Review – Getting Your Cards Graded

July 26, 2013 |
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Graded cards have become a huge part of the trading card hobby over the last decade. However for Australian collectors it is a relatively new concept. As we all know, the condition of a trading card is extremely important but when you are buying a raw card from a marketplace (such as Gimko) you are relying on the seller’s subjective opinion on its condition.

This is where grading comes in. It helps eliminate the subjectivity by having a professional and impartial person assign a value to the physical condition of a card. The process involves a grader examining the corners, edges, surface, centring and size to assign a final score. The card will then be encased in a plastic slab that will preserve the card in that condition.

So you might be saying to yourself “I know my card is in mint condition, why would I get a card graded?”

This is a good question; there are some key reasons on why you should consider getting your cards graded.

Graded card

Authenticity – The card grading company will ensure that your card is authentic and not a reprinted counterfeit card. They are also able to establish if the card has been ‘doctored’ or tampered with.

Protection – A graded card in a slab will be protected. You do not have to worry about it getting damaged in the future.

Display – The holders are an attractive way to display the better cards of your portfolio.

Greater Resale Value – With a graded card the buyer can be confident about a cards condition and authenticity rather than being told by a seller “judge the card yourself from the photo”.

If you want to see a good example of the difference in the resale value of a card just check the prices of Michael Jordan rookie cards. An upgraded version that appears to be in mint condition might set you back around $500 and you still have no confidence whether the card is authentic or not. However, be prepared to pay $2,000 for one graded  PSA 9 or $3500 for one graded BGS 9.5.

The largest grading companies (Beckett and PSA) are based in the USA. It is a big ask to rely on the postage service to get your cards to the other side of the world and back without them going missing. Furthermore, they do not have the expertise and experience with our Australian sporting cards.

Fortunately Australia now has its very own card grading service – Card Grading Australia (CGA). They have an original and unique 100 point grading system that offers unbiased, consistent and thorough grading across all grading types and card types.

CGA are also the only card grading service in the world to offer a full written report. Each report contains the findings, including any and all imperfections discovered. This is a defining feature as it is important to know exactly why a card has been given a particular grade.

So if you have never thought of having your valuable cards graded now is the time to do it. Check out Card Grading Australia’s store and get a card graded today.

On that note, we would also like to formally welcome them on board as a Gimko partner!

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