How to Choose the Right Holder Size for Your Cards

March 22, 2013 |
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The most common question people ask is “what holder size do I need to protect my precious cards safely?”

There are two simple methods that can be used to work this out on your own.

NOTE: Calculations are estimates based on Ultra Pro products (toploader and magnetic one touch holders), as these are the most commonly used for protection in the card collecting hobby.

Box of Standard Toploaders.360pt One-Touch Magnetic Holder

Images courtesy of Ultra Pro

Method 1 – Stacking Regular Cards:

All you need is a stack of regular sized base cards. Simply stack them on top of each other next to the card you want to purchase the holder for, and then simply count the cards.

NOTE: Card thickness is measured in points (‘pt’). Regular base cards are 20 point in thickness. Do not use base cards from a high end product as they may be thicker, approx 30-40 point.

The following list outlines what holder point size is required, based on the number of regular base cards:

  • 1 Regular Card = 20-35 point – Use a 35 point holder (also called regular card holder)
  • 3 Regular Cards = 55 point – Use a 55 point holder (also called thick holder)
  • 4 Regular Cards = 70-75 point – Use a 75 point holder (also called extra thick holder)
  • 5 Regular Cards = 85-90 point – Use a 100 point holder (also called game used size or extra thick holder)
  • 6-8 Regular Cards = 110-130 point – Use a 130 point holder (also called memorabilia size or real thick holder)
  • 9-12 Regular Cards = 180 Point – Use a 180 point holder (also called super thick holder)
  • 13-24 Regular Cards = greater than 180 Point – Use a 360 point holder.

One Touch holders are a bit pricy, however when sending higher value cards, its seen as good customer service and will help you increase sales. You can buy up to 360 point holders now for the extra thick or booklet cards. You can always add this into the price of shipping, however be a sport and let people know in your item description or shipping details that you are doing so.

Method 2 – Measuring With a Ruler:

For those who are fortunate enough to have a ruler on hand, can simply measure the thickness of the card using the millimeters scale on the ruler and compare the measured size to the following table:

Size in points (pt)

Size in millimeters (mm)


up to 1






2.25 – 2.5


3 – 3.5