New Features & Upgrades Now Available

August 20, 2013 |
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You may be wondering what the Gimko Team have been doing over the last month? Well we have been listening to feedback from sellers & buyers and have rolled out some significant upgrades.

Bulk Lister

Version 2.5 of the Gimko Bulk Lister has now been released. It is highly recommended you update to this version before creating any new bulk listings via this tool as there was a significant bug fix. We also added some more sports brands. New bulk lister can be found here.

Item Discounting

Want to have a sale on the items you are selling? Sure, no problem! It is now possible to discount your items that are listed with a Buy Now Price. Simply click on ‘My Gimko’ on the menu bar then under the ‘Selling’ heading click on ‘Items with Discounts’. You will have the ability to mass update all your active buy now listings (note this will over write existing sales) or mass populate fields for selected items as well as individually edit each item listing.

Enable Invoice Before Payment

For the sellers out there who rely on sending invoices for multiple items, we have added the functionality to prevent a buyer paying until a correct revised invoice is sent by the seller. This prevents confusion between buyer and seller and cuts down on people having to resend additional funds to cover all items. To enable this feature simply click on ‘My Gimko’ on the menu bar then under the ‘Seller Settings’ heading click on ‘Global Settings’. Here you can enable this feature via a checkbox and type up the message to let the buyer know they need to wait for an invoice. When a buyer purchases an item, your message will show up on the sold item page.

Shipping Address on Sold Item Page

To make a sellers life easier in calculating readjusted shipping costs we have added the address on the ‘Sold Items’ page. This will allow you to know were the package is going so when you click ‘Send Product(s) Invoice’ you will be able to adjust shipping costs accordingly without the need to look up the buyers shipping address in another section.

Final comments

If you have any feedback on the new features or have any problems using them, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to rolling out more exciting new features in the not to distant future to make your life that bit easier on Gimko.

Finally thank you all for your kind support and feedback in helping Gimko provide a better environment where collectors connect.