Pop! Vinyl – All you need to know about protection

July 23, 2017 |
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If you are a vivid Pop! Vinyl collector like us on Gimko then having the right protection to ensure that your collection stays mint is ESSENTIAL. This is why we have done extensive testing on what is out there currently on the market, and to put it quit frankly, we were not happy at the quality of protection.

With extensive effort talking to collectors who buy Pop! Vinyls, we asked the the simple question of what they were looking for? Their response was something that is affordable and as durable like an expensive hard box protector but as flexible to store in large amounts as a Ultra Pro protector which did not break as easily.

The solution to this was to create a high quality plastic semi-ridged fold-able protector that met these requirements.

If you know what a Pop! Protector is and are looking to buy some for your existing collection, then visit our official online store.

What is semi-rigid Pop! Protector?
Essentially it is a flat clear plastic box that can be folded up into a box shape that fits snug around a Pop Vinyl in it’s own box. It is designed to protect the Pop! Vinyl from damage.

What is the protector made of?
Our protectors are made of high grade acid free PET plastic 0.5mm thick to ensure extra strength, which helps prevent the box from being squashed easily.

How strong is it?
We have done extensive testing, and the protector box can easily hold 10kg of downward force on it, even when empty!!

  • 1 x display case of 35pt one touches ~ 1.5kg
  • 1 x display case of 55pt one touches ~ 1.5kg
  • 1 x full case of 35pt regular toploaders ~ 7.4kg

Check out the images below!! We even errored out a 5kg scale to prove it.