The House of Cards

Episode #147 takes us through the first round of the NBA playoffs for season 20/21. We discuss all 4 series from both eastern and western conferences and were the eliminated teams can improve going forward. Also a few award winners were announced and we give our take on what the hell is happening in the arenas and misbehaving patrons attending games so far

Episode #146 is all about the NRL and round 13 of action. Only 4 games this week to discuss as state of origin looms large right here in sunny north queensland. Plenty of news to talk about as well as some origin banter before we get ready for the big game wednesday. What a monumental occasion it will be (even more so if you got tickets) Plus our studs and duds of the week

Episode #145 is NRL and round 12 of action. We are about to get this party started in North Queensland as its announced State of Origin 1 has been shifted due to a covid outbreak in melbourne and it now at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville. We take you through the games from the weekend and also we talk about the origin sides that have been named for game 1. Plus our studs and duds of the week

Episode #144 Is the finish off of the 20/21 NBA regular season and a wrap up of the play in games. We discuss the hot runs of the wizards and the heat leading into the playoffs, the inconsistencies of the celtics (how far can Tatum carry them?), some Westbrook love, the 2021 hall of fame class and a quick playoff prediction for each series. Plus we give you our tips for winning it all!!!

Episode #143 is NRL season 2021 round 11. We take you through all 8 games from the weekend. The action, the upsets, the physicality and the loopholes being abused. We also give you a preview of who we think will be selected for Queensland and New South Wales origin squads which will actually be named after next weeks games, lets see how we go. As always, we give you our studs and duds of the week

Episode #142 will make you believe in magic. The NRL put on a great event in Brisbane with all 8 games at Suncorp Stadium. We give you first hand accounts of the weekend as one of us was actually there to soak in everything. Along with terrific footy we also had a very controversial round with a major crackdown on rule enforcement which resulted in a record number of sin bins and send offs. We also have our studs and duds of the week

Episode #141 is NRL and rd 9 of the 2021 season. We had it all this week. We started things off with a couple of demolitions, history made at stadium australia, we seen a couple of halfbacks get hooked and an absolute thriller in townsville which has almost become standard between these 2 teams. We also have our studs and duds of the week

Episode #140 we discuss this years NFL draft, the top picks and the quarterback situation for all teams going forward and week 1 starters. With he draft in the rear view mirror, its time to look ahead to see into the future of the league and how we think they and their teams will go in the upcoming season

Episode #139 Is our look into Rd 8 in the 2021 season of the NRL. We take a deep dive into the weeks games as players test their might against each other. We also discuss the mounting injury toll at the roosters that could finish them for the season after a flawless victory against the knights and some of the issues facing the raiders at the moment leaving things a little toasty in the nations capital. As always, our studs and duds of week are in there too

Episode #138 is NRL season 2021 rd 7 ANZAC round. Some super footy played this weekend including recent traditional clashes on sunday to commemorate the occasion. Plus new news at hand about a proposal made by the NRL in regards to expansion and the idea of a conference system to split the league in 2. As always, our studs and duds make an appearance too