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2022 TLA NRL Traders Full Set Details

January 28, 2022 |
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2022 NRL Traders is just around the corner, with the official release date being Tuesday 8th of March 2022. Today Traders has officially gone ON SALE as a pre release via hobby stores. We are pleased to say that there are various combinations for purchase available on our website. The product will be available for shipping in March once it is officially released. Keep an eye out on this post for periodic updates including a full checklist once it becomes available.

This year the set will feature hobby and newsagent versions of starter packs, with each having their own unique parallel cards. A more detailed breakdown is provided below. The newsagent versions will be available across select newsagents across Australia and New Zealand once the product goes officially on sale.

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You know summer is just around the corner when cricket season is about to start. This year not only do we get to enjoy watch cricket but TLA are also back with 2021/22 CA Traders Cricket Cards. The set is due to be released on Tuesday 7th December 2021 and is available for preorder with Gimko online as well as will be available in hobby stores and newsagents across the country.

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If you want to see the checklist scroll to the bottom.

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If you are a vivid Pop! Vinyl collector like us on Gimko then having the right protection to ensure that your collection stays mint is ESSENTIAL. This is why we have done extensive testing on what is out there currently on the market, and to put it quit frankly, we were not happy at the quality of protection.

With extensive effort talking to collectors who buy Pop! Vinyls, we asked the the simple question of what they were looking for? Their response was something that is affordable and as durable like an expensive hard box protector but as flexible to store in large amounts as a Ultra Pro protector which did not break as easily.

The solution to this was to create a high quality plastic semi-ridged fold-able protector that met these requirements.

If you know what a Pop! Protector is and are looking to buy some for your existing collection, then visit our official online store.

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What are Group Breaks?

The basic setup of a group break is that multiple people split the cost of the boxes (or a case) in the break and then the cards are divided up amongst the people in the break, sports breaks usually by team or hit, for non-sports breaks by character, hit, or pack.

It is a great alternative to buying a full case or box and they are a great way to be involved in a large break at a lower cost.

How Do Group Breaks Work?

The breaks are all done LIVE and you can participate in the fun by chatting with the breaker and others collectors in the group break. If you cannot watch the break live than don’t worry!! All our breaks are recorded so you can watch the replay once the break is over.

After the break the breaker will sort all the cards and send them off to the collectors that bought spots in the group break.

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Graded cards have become a huge part of the trading card hobby over the last decade. However for Australian collectors it is a relatively new concept. As we all know, the condition of a trading card is extremely important but when you are buying a raw card from a marketplace (such as Gimko) you are relying on the seller’s subjective opinion on its condition.

This is where grading comes in. It helps eliminate the subjectivity by having a professional and impartial person assign a value to the physical condition of a card. The process involves a grader examining the corners, edges, surface, centring and size to assign a final score. The card will then be …continue reading

Ultra Pro 9 Pocket Page Platinum

Binder Pocket Pages are commonly used to safely store your valuable collectibles such as trading cards, currency notes, coins, post cards and stamps.

The following section provides a brief explanation of the different pocket pages available in the collecting hobby and what each one is best suited for. Please note that this guide is a rough estimate as sizes may vary between different manufacturers and time of production. If unsure of size, the best policy is to always measure twice the item you wish to protect to ensure the most suitable page pocket size is selected.

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