The House of Cards

If you are a vivid Pop! Vinyl collector like us on Gimko then having the right protection to ensure that your collection stays mint is ESSENTIAL. This is why we have done extensive testing on what is out there currently on the market, and to put it quit frankly, we were not happy at the quality of protection.

With extensive effort talking to collectors who buy Pop! Vinyls, we asked the the simple question of what they were looking for? Their response was something that is affordable and as durable like an expensive hard box protector but as flexible to store in large amounts as a Ultra Pro protector which did not break as easily.

The solution to this was to create a high quality plastic semi-ridged fold-able protector that met these requirements.

If you know what a Pop! Protector is and are looking to buy some for your existing collection, then visit our official online store.

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Let’s face it, no one wants to receive damaged goods, and Gimko certainly does not wish to have unsatisfied fellow card hobbyists.

The following guide outlines reasonable endeavors that should be taken when packaging and shipping cards to ensure that in most cases cards arrive undamaged or are not lost due to postage.


The following are minimum recommendations for card protection:

  • Card should be placed in appropriately sized toploader or magnetic one touch holders.
  • If using a toploader, each card should be placed in a penny sleeve.
  • Card(s) should then be placed in a team bag and sealed to prevent water damage during transit. …continue reading

The most common question people ask is “what holder size do I need to protect my precious cards safely?”

There are two simple methods that can be used to work this out on your own.

NOTE: Calculations are estimates based on Ultra Pro products (toploader and magnetic one touch holders), as these are the most commonly used for protection in the card collecting hobby.

Box of Standard Toploaders.360pt One-Touch Magnetic Holder

Images courtesy of Ultra Pro

Method 1 – Stacking Regular Cards:

All you need is a stack of regular sized base cards. …continue reading