• How do I become a Gimko Verified User?
    • Thanks for your interest in becoming a Gimko Verified User. For more information on the verification system & how to become verified, please click here.

  • What is the best way of packaging cards for delivery?
    • There is no one best way pf packaging cards. However there are some packaging methods that are discouraged.

      1. Please do NOT send cards in white or flat envelopes. This may result in damage to the cards as the envelopes go through an automated sorting machine whilst sorting by Australia Post. Either box or bubble mailers are stronly encouraged.
      2. Place all cards in protective cases with individual cards placed to top loaders a tape or team bag to prevent card from slipping out. In the case of mulitple cards or sets, place them in set cases or secure them firmly between 2 thick top loaders.
      3. Every card to be in a penny sleeve, always. Over-sized cards may be exempted.

      For more information please click here.

  • Why did Gimko remove my listing?
    • A listing could be removed for several reasons including a violation of the law or not following our selling guidelines; there may also be other reasons it was removed, but these are the most common.

      We may or may not refund your fees, depending on the guideline you may have violated and whether you have violated our guidelines in the past.

      If you still have quesions, please contact us.

  • What constitutes excessive shipping costs?
    • As a seller, you may charge only actual postage cost plus a reasonable handling cost. Postage cost should be what you paid the carrier for shipping the item. Handling cost should be the cost of packaging plus any insurance and/or delivery confirmation services.

      Be sure to specify shipping costs and related handling charges in your listings. What you are not allowed to charge as shipping costs includes but is not limited to: tariffs, customs fee, duties, fuel, time spent at carrier, employee wages & transaction fees.

  • What is Shill Bidding?
    • Shill bidding is action/s that artificially manipulates the price and the interest of a certain item. This generally involves getting a friend or family to place a bid on the item in question, or the seller might use a second account to place a bid.

      Shill bidding is strictly prohibited by Gimko. If you believe that you are a victim in a shill bidding scam or have spotted a member attempting to shill bid, please report it to us immediately.

  • What is Keyword Spamming?
    • Keyword spamming is when you place un-related text in the title of the item in order to gain a larger audience or more views. An example of keyword spamming is when you insert “non auto” in your item title when clearly the item does not contain any autograph. This is done as an attempt to gain more views by people searching for autographs and only makes the site less pleasurable to use if search results are filled with items users are not interested in.

      Keyword spamming is strictly prohibited by Gimko. If you have spotted any items under this category, please report it to us immediately.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of bid retractions I can make?
    • In a simple word, yes. In an effort to stamp out shill bidding we put a limit on the amount of bid retractions you can make every month.

      Currently you are allowed to retract a maximum of 3 bids per month. If you have already reached this limit for the current month but need to retract a bid and have a valid reason to do so, please contact us and we will consider retracting your bid for you.

  • How do I know if the autograph on the item is real/legitimate?
    • Autographed items or trading cards can sometimes be valuable and therefore forged or reproduced. Most autographs come with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) or LOA (Letter of Authenticity).

      All items stating they have a COA or LOA must clearly include a picture of the matching COA or LOA with the item; for standard autograph cards that usually contain the COA on the back of the item, a scan of the back is not required. Other popular forms of autographs are ones obtained in person (IP) or through the mail (TTM); all autographs obtained in person or through the mail must clearly state that they are IP/TTM autographs.

      It is important to note that the autographs obtained are as valuable as the reputation of the COA, LOA or In Person, so it is important to investigate thoroughly on the item. Gimko bears no responsibility for the legitimacy or the value of the any autograph sold on the website.

  • What if I have forgotten my password and/or username?
    • If you forget your password, you can go to Gimko’s retrieve password page and enter your username and email address. If you have forgotten, both your username and password, first obtain your username by using the same link. Gimko will contact you shortly via your email account.

  • Can I block buyers or bidders?
    • If you do not want certain users to place a bid or buy your items, you can add them to your Block Users list. Users on this list cannot bid or buy any of your listings unless you remove them from the list. A further feature also included is that you can also block certain users from messaging you through the website.

      The Block Users function is found under the My Gimko -> Seller Settings menu.

  • What happens if I encounter profanity and/or abusive language?
    • All profanities and abusive language are not tolerated on this website. If you receive any message from another member or spot an item with this kind of language, please report it to us immediately.

  • According to the sellers listing they accept bank transfer, but when I go to pay I don't see that option. Why not?
    • To be able to pay via bank transfer the seller of the item needs to go into their My Gimko section, go to their Sold Items and then click on the "Send Bank Details" link for the respective item. Once they have done that then the option will show up for you to pay with.

  • I chose to accept bank transfer in my listing, but the buyer states they don't have that option to pay with. Why not?
    • For the buyer to be able to pay via bank transfer you will need to go into your My Gimko section, go to your Sold Items and then click on the "Send Bank Details" link for the respective item. Once you have done that then the option will show up for the buyer to pay with.

  • Why can't I access the buyer/seller message board via the item page with dutch auctions?
    • The amount of different buyers sellers could have with a dutch auction could sometimes be in the hundreds if the seller is selling a large quantity of items. Because of this the seller would have to see hundreds of different message board links (one for each buyer) & hence we chose to not show it for dutch auctions.

      You can still access the message board via the following sections:


      My Gimko -> Selling -> Sold Items


      My Gimko -> Purchase History -> Items Won