Selling Guidelines

Below is a list of selling guidelines which you must follow to be able to sell on

If you breach any of these guidelines your listing is subject to being edited and/or deleted; continued abuse of these guidelines opens your account up to possible suspension.

You must not:
  • Blur or obscure the serial number on any item that contains one; the serial number must be clearly visible.
  • List any form of fraudulent items. This includes items that contain but not limited to: non-authentic patches/swatches/jersey pieces, non-authentic autographs, non-authentic shoe swatches, non-authentic numbered cards (self-numbered).
  • List custom made items without clearly identifying them as such within the item title and description.
  • Take part in or condone any shill-bidding of any kind.
  • List "reprint cards/items" as originals. All reprint cards/items must be clearly noted as such within the item title and description.
  • Keyword spam. Example of keyword spamming is putting "non-auto" in the title when the item doesn't contain an autograph or putting a currently hot players name in your title to gain more views.
  • List items stating they have a COA without including a picture of the matching COA with the item.
  • List "buy back cards/items" without also showing a picture of the matching COA, if you have lost or misplaced the COA, then you must clearly indicate this in the item description.
  • List items/cards that are missing the autograph or memorabilia piece; this includes items/cards that may have been proofs, prototypes, or "Fleer Auction Bankruptcy" cards.
  • List "Fleer Auction Bankruptcy" items without clearly indicating them as such; however, as noted above, no items may be listed that are missing the autograph or memorabilia piece.
  • List items as 1/1 if they are not stamped as such unless you also clearly note the real serial numbering of the item.
  • List IP (In-Person) autographs without clearly indicating that they are IP autographs.
  • Link to external sources (such as another webpage) showing users what it is you're selling in whole or part thereof; all details and images MUST be contained within the description itself.
  • Charge excessive shipping costs. You may only charge the real postage cost plus a reasonable handling cost.