Privacy Policy

Last Update: 20 April 2013

It's important to Gimko Pty Ltd (Gimko) that Users of the Gimko Website and Gimko Services retain their privacy when they are taking advantage of what Gimko has to offer. Gimko will strive to protect the personal information its Users share with them. To do this, Gimko follows several principles that are fairly universal in terms of practices for user privacy and data protection. These include:

  • Gimko will not sell or give away User names, mailing addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers or any other information you give to Gimko to any other person or party, unless they are required to by law or are require to in order to comply with its privacy policies
  • Gimko uses online security measures to ensure the safety and protection of your information from unauthorised users and persons


Generally Gimko will ask for information that personally identifies you (personal information) at the time you create a User Account or register for use of the Gimko Website and Gimko Services. Gimko will use this information primarily for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure you receive the most convenient and enjoyable experience when using the Gimko Website and Gimko Services, by not having to continually enter your personal information
  2. To ensure that the Gimko Website and Gimko Services are constantly reviewed, upgraded and created to contain content most relevant to Users
  3. To inform Users of any upgrades, updates, outages, promotions, offers or other important information that Gimko needs to communicate to Users


You do not have to register as a User at the Gimko Website and provide your personal information. You may even still be able to view certain parts of the Gimko Website and certain content published at the Gimko Website. However, your use will be restricted and you will not be able to list items for sale, bid on any items or use any functionality that requires account registration, including viewing certain sections of the Gimko Website. You will still be bound by the Gimko's website terms of use whilst at the Gimko Website.

If you choose to become a User of the Gimko Website and Gimko Services by registering you will always be given the choice as to the kinds of information you wish to receive from Gimko, either via unsubscribe links in any email sent by Gimko, options within the My Gimko section of the Gimko Website or both. On rare occasions you may still receive emails from us (even if you have unsubscribed) when they contain important information that all Users are required to see, such as security alerts, outages and other important information.

By registering as a User you consent to receiving automated email communications from Gimko, such as User confirmation emails when you first register, forgotten password emails at your request and several other actions (generally initiated by User and not by Gimko) that will cause an automated email to be sent.

It is noted that by visiting the Gimko Website or using any of the Gimko Services, you consent to certain information being collected, which is sent to Gimko by your computer or device. Such information may include information about the pages you have visited at the Gimko Website, your IP address, information about your browser and operating system, your location etc. This information is generally not associated to you personally, unless you have chosen to become a registered User of the Gimko Website and Gimko Services.


You will be able to view and update your personal information at the Gimko Website at any time by visiting the My Gimko section of the Gimko Website. You will be able to update details such as postal address, email address and telephone numbers but will also be able to change any preferences in relation to marketing and promotional offers sent to you by Gimko. When accessing the My Gimko section of the Gimko Website, you will also be able to amend your preferences as to the nature of notifications (such as bidding notifications) you will receive from Gimko.


Gimko takes precautions to protect you from any loss of data, misuse of data, unauthorised access to your personal information and any alteration to your personal information. Gimko strives to ensure your choices in how your personal information is used are honored. Gimko has put in place certain procedures (including physical, managerial and electronic procedures) to ensure the utmost security for its users, user accounts and to ensure that any information collected online is correctly used and stored.

Personal Information is never shared by Gimko with any person or entity without your authorisation, except under the circumstances discussed in this policy. Within Gimko your information is stored on secure servers. These servers are protected through password control with limited access. Gimko will always use servers, which may be located in or outside of Australia, which it considers to be most secure.

You can also play a part in the security of your personal information. Do not share your log in/user account information with any other person. No-one else will be able to view your personal information without your log in information.


The Gimko Website and Gimko Services are available to persons 18 years and older, as outlined in the Gimko terms of use. Persons under this age are prohibited from registering as Users. In the event a person under the age of 18 registers for use of the Gimko Website and Gimko Services, through entering of a false date of birth such information will be protected in the same manner as all other Users and in compliance with this policy. As Gimko restricts membership to prohibit under age members it cannot provide additional measures to protect the privacy of children.


You may choose to pay fees to Gimko using credit card details. These payments are processed through leading Australian payment gateway eWAY. Gimko does not collect or store any payment information from its Users. If you choose to make a payment to Gimko through eWAY we encourage you to read their privacy policies first.

Gimko does not handle financial transactions on behalf of its users. By using the Gimko Website you may be required to provide credit card details, or other payment method details to purchase items from other Users. User protection and privacy in these circumstances is as per the particular payment gateway policies. Users are encouraged to review those policies before providing any financial information through those gateways.


If you believe that Gimko has failed to provide the privacy protection it promises under this policy, please contact us via the contact page on the Website. Any concern of this nature will be treated seriously and promptly by Gimko, and we will do our best to determine and correct any problem reported.


To gain full access to the Gimko Website and Gimko Services you will become a User, which involves providing us with various pieces of personal information, such as your name, your email address, your postal address, your phone number and your date of birth. As noted above you will be able to choose what information you would like to receive from Gimko.

Gimko will use your information to send you updates about your account, customer satisfaction surveys, announcements of new services, upgrades and updates to the Gimko Website and Gimko Services and alerts in the unlikely event of website outages to the Gimko Website.

Occasionally Gimko may hire other parties to provide services in connection with the Gimko Website and Gimko Services. Such contracted services could include postal services, email services, product or service information provision and software update services. These outside companies will only be given your personal information if it is necessary in order to provide the service.

Gimko may disclose your personal information when required to do so by law. This could be in cases where such action is necessary to:

  1. Comply with legal processes or legal orders served on Gimko or in connection with the Gimko Website and Gimko Services;
  2. Protect and defend the rights of Gimko, the Gimko Website and Gimko Services;
  3. Protect the personal safety of Users of the Gimko Website and Gimko Services;

Gimko may disclose your personal information in order to comply with requests made by a law enforcement agency, or where it is believed necessary to investigate or take action in regards to activity and conduct that is illegal including without limitation to suspicions of fraudulent activity at the Gimko Website;

Gimko may access or disclose further information that you may consider 'personal', such as posts and messages submitted to and through the Gimko Website to other users when those posts or messages cause disputes, or when Gimko has reason to believe you are in violation of any terms of use or Gimko policies.


When accessing the Gimko Website or using the Gimko Services, a small data file may be placed on your computer or device. These are often called and known as 'cookies'. However, they may be cookies, flash cookies or other storage provided by your browser. These technologies are used so that Gimko can recognise your User ID and membership when you visit the site; to provide customised services to you and ensure your account is never jeopardised. This in turn allows Gimko to reduce the chances of risk and fraudulent behaviours at the Gimko Website, and therefore continue to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for its Users.

You are free to decline the use of cookies when at the Gimko Website, if your internet browser allows you to. However, this may at times impact on your use of the Gimko Website or the Gimko Services.


The Gimko Website may contain links to third party websites or information. Once you navigate to a third party site, this privacy policy cannot continue to be in force. You are encouraged to read third party websites' privacy notices, as Gimko has no control over how your information may be shared once submitted to, or collected by, these other parties. Third party websites may also use 'cookies' and it is your responsibility to determine if cookies are used by those third party sites, and, choose to continue or discontinue visiting that site.

The Gimko Website may sometimes offer content that is sponsored by, or co-branded with identified third parties. By virtue of these relationships, the third parties may obtain personal information that Users voluntarily submit in order to participate in the activities of that third party website.

Generally, some of these sites may require you, on a voluntary basis, to provide your personal information to access further information or sections of their sites. It is the User's responsibility to read and accept or reject any policies of that third party site.


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. New versions will become effective as soon as Gimko publishes them at the Gimko Website. The date of the current version will always be found at the top of the policy. Gimko will endeavor to notify current Users of any amendments to this document, by way of email. If you fail to keep a current email address listed in your User information Gimko is not responsible for being unable to provide notice to you by email.


Gimko may assign its rights in the Privacy Policy to another entity in the event of sale, merger or acquisition to or with another entity.

For any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Gimko Website or Gimko Services please contact us using the Contact form and contact details found at the Gimko Website.