Why Buy & Sell on Gimko

Low Fees

Gimko has low, simple fees and no hidden costs. All standard listings are free with no re-listing fees and a 4% final value fee. We have low-cost optional extras & store subscriptions.

Fair Feedback System

Buyers and sellers both play a part in creating a successful transaction; as such both should be entitled to leave positive or negative feedback based on their trading experience. However Gimko has a strict no-tolerance rule on retaliatory feedback and any such feedback will be removed immediately.

Community Focused

One of our core values is to try and be as involved with the collecting community as possible; whether it be through our featured collector articles, blog articles or our attendance at many of the card and collectible shows around Australia; we want to get to know you better because we are collectors just like you.

User Verification Program

Our world-class user verification system makes it safer to buy cards on Gimko. Don't be afraid to purchase cards from a verified user, they will have confirmed their details with us and then you can therefore be confident that they are who they say they are. Want to sell with confidence and get more interest in your cards? Get verified too! To learn more about our verification program, please click here.

Strict Selling Guidelines to Protect Buyers

We have strict selling guidelines in place to protect buyers and ensure that you have a positive Gimko experience. If you feel there is an item or seller breaching our guidelines do not hesitate to report them. It is all part of keeping the community safe. We take all reports seriously and investigate every report we get.